2024 insurance market trends and challenges – Brokerslink European Regional Meeting



Brokerslink's annual European Regional Meeting, held in Bucharest on March 20-22, 2024, brought the partner network of insurance brokers together. The most important topics were the international business issues of Brokerslink's European brokerage community, as well as the biggest risks and challenges. There were 108 participants from 27 countries. Diversity was equally represented by the thoughts of both long-term and brand-new members of the network. The discussions covered current business as well as new opportunities.

One of the most important goals was to get information about the demand and trends in insurance and brokerage activities in 2024. The goal was supported by networking with other partners, trainings, and various group work. The topics were, for example, employee benefits practices in different countries, insurance markets in Central and Eastern Europe, the effects of political risks, an integrated approach to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) risk consulting and new types of insurance broker services.

Brokerslink is a global broking company with a worldwide broker network. The network includes independent brokerage firms from 133 countries. Together with its partners, Brokerslink offers a viable service option for local, regional and multinational organizations that are offered premium risk management and insurance services. Firstbrokers is a long-term member of the Brokerslink network. The local expertise of the partner network is used by Firstbrokers' customers worldwide.


Firstbrokers Oy was founded in 1989 and is thus the first insurance brokerage company in Finland. Customers are Finnish SMEs and subsidiaries of international companies. Firstbrokers Oy is also the most international insurance broker in Finland, as it is a member of several global insurance broker networks. This enables business customers to provide risk management, insurance and employee benefits services easily, cost-effectively and reliably in more than 110 countries. Firstbrokers Oy covers its customers' business and employees in all industries. Firstbrokers Oy continuously manages the risk management, insurance and employee benefits of more than 200 companies, and has already served more than a thousand companies during its 35 years of operation. We've got you covered!